Father Woudenberg uproots his family from the big city to rustic village Ravenhorst to start exploiting the vineyard that comes with the ‘old inn’ he bought as new home. Firstborn Tjomas feels his life is shattered, second son Maurits soon settles in, kid brother Joost enjoys playing in the woods and thus stumbles upon a…

Deadline 14/10

A young journalist starts working for the local Antwerp newspaper and has to deal with the disappearance of a young girl. What was first regarded as another silly story, soon appears to be a suspicious case with linkages to the political world. Just when the election campaign in the city of Antwerp is fully erupted.


A police inspector investigates the robbery of 66 safe deposit boxes at a private bank in Brussels.


Each episode is a docu-drama reconstruction and further interpretation of a notorious criminal case that ended up in the Belgian Assize Court. The series especially takes into account the alleged or assumed state of mind of the culprit.